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Bag in Box
Bag in Box
Bag in Box

An artfully narrative wine dispenser.

When is art design and when is design art? We asked ourselves this question on behalf of Côtes de Gascogne Indication Géographique Protégée.
The design of the wine hose breaks down the boundaries between design and art. It completely dispenses with any kind of classic grid and throws the conventional design of wines overboard.

No logo, no grid, no fixed scheme. LinkupDesign turns art into label and label into art at the same time. A revolution in wine design.

The packaging tells a story in the style of a comic strip, based freely on Roy Liechtenstein. For LinkupDesign, this is a form of how packaging is to be designed in the future. Keyword storytelling.

On the shelves, the box immediately catches the eye with its bright and striking colours. Compared to other wines, it is a real eye-catcher.

The wine is currently available online through Jacques’ Weindepot’s website.

Brewery Kürzer

branding and labels. The Kürzer brewery in Düsseldorf commissioned us with the branding and packaging design for their Altbier. The first contact was made in spring 2010 and continues to this day. The Kürzer Brewery is still new and brews its Altbier with a lot of love and expertise. Only the best malt and the finest hops from German cultivation are processed. In the house brewery the master brewer is always pleased about spectators and in the cosy ambience the Altbier tastes even better. The focus of their efforts is always on fun.

We have designed the labels, website and various media with the aim of giving the brown swing top bottles an unmistakable and independent packaging design as part of the brand strategy. Through our branding, the values of the brewery have been defined and consolidated.  The brewery renounces all pomp and kitsch, pseudo-traditional fuss and sees itself as a contrast to the usual beer clichés. KÜRZER is not a brand that “talks around” for a long time and that’s exactly what we wanted to communicate. The brand is straight ahead, says what it thinks and is uncompromising. Düsseldorf’s most direct Altbier.

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Just fucking good wine

Das Weinetikett eckt an, es provoziert – und genau das soll es auch. Wir haben bei dem Etikett eine Verbindung zwischen Punk und Rotwein hergestellt, die es so wohl noch nicht gegeben hat. Punk und Wein, kann das zusammen gehen? Dass das Etikett polarisieren würde, war uns von Anfang klar. Der Erfolg dieses Weines im Markt gibt uns recht.


Das Weinlabel verzichtet auf jede Art von klassischem Weinraster, es verzichtet auf traditionelle Gestaltung, auf traditionelle Werte und Normen, die im Allgemeinen mit Wein verbunden werden. Es kommuniziert direkt und ohne Umwege das was es ist: just fucking good wine.

Just fucking good wine

This wine label is unlike any other ordinary wine label. It clearly differentiates itself from the rest through its provacative message. It’s wording and typography represent a authentic punk mentality that is very unconventional for ordinary wine labels. Most other seem to adhere a kind of old-fashioned visual pattern from which this design seeks to break out. It is no secret that the aim is to provoke and therefore also catch the consumers attention. However most of all it is a radical design that gets rid of any preconceptions that wine labels must follow a certain pattern. Unlike many other pretentious wine labels this one is authentic with a simple message.


Gesprächsstoff "topic of conversation"

Of all the drinks, wine is certainly the one that stimulates the most witty conversations. What is not all discussed over a good glass of wine? And how often has wine inspired great writers? Tucholsky wished to caress wine, Robert Louis Stevenson called it “poetry in bottles” and Goethe even thought a glass of wine was the “saviour in need”.

We understand “Gespraechsstoff, which means conversation topic” as a trigger for communicative situations, which can be the initial spark for interesting conversations. Wine has always been a medium for communication and so our focus of this label design was precisely this mediation of communication.

The wine was bottled and labelled by the Reuther winery exclusively for Jacques’ Weindepot. It was sold very successfully in the stationary depots and online.


Lieblingswein “Favourite wine” is a series of wines from different winegrowers that was developed exclusively for Jacques Weindepot. In the foreground is the winegrower, who presents their “favourite wines”. 

Package Design / Packaging Design for Argan Oil Skin Cream

Argany - Skin care with valuable argan oil.

For ALP GmbH we have developed not only the packaging design but also the development of the name and other print products for sales and marketing purposes. The central motif is the oil drop that seems to run out of the crucible. It was produced using a special 3D printing process and sticks to every packaging unit. 

Wine label for Quinta Gaivosa

We have developed a new wine label for Quinta da Gaivosa. The aim was to give the brand a new, modern image.

The new design is intended to attract particular attention at the POS and convey associations such as quality and elegance, but also an individual and modern look.

The striking colours are a clear contrast to the otherwise usual, rather sober wine labels of this genre. The modern and contemporary design is intended to introduce younger adults to the brand. We have also developed a new logo for the winery, which is intended to arouse more classical associations.

Packaging design of nutritional supplements for Kavos Nutrition.

For Kavos GmbH we have designed this very successful series of food supplements. Kavos consists of a special HCG leptin diet accompanied by dietary supplements. 

The products are sold exclusively online and are top sellers in the segment.


Brand development and label design for Josefsbrauerei

The Josefsbrauerei in Bigge is the first handicapped accessible brewery in Europe and was founded in 2002 as an integration company. Most of the people working in the brewery are physically handicapped. The integration company produces 5 different types of beer and non-alcoholic beverages. The aim was to give the brewery a completely new and contemporary brand identity.

Walk at the seaside, Walk in the hills of tuscany

Packaging design for Laboni. The two room scents are a special development for the neutralization of bad smells, especially for pet owners. The illustrations visualize the scent.

Development of a cosmetic brand with hyaluronic acid products

We developed the packaging design for Cotura. The marketing takes place mainly in China. The blue polygons are connected on the containers by golden lines, which leads to an even higher quality impression. The cardboard boxes were produced with a gold shimmering paper (Ice Gold) from the Arjowiggins Curious Collection and a hot foil embossing of the word and logo. The series consists of a total of 10 coordinated cosmetic products.

MyHands Hand Care and Protection

Development of a premium hand care brand. For ALP GmbH we developed the entire cosmetic series. The aim was a medical appearance.